The tennesee performing arts center can be found at five hundred and five Deaderick Street in downtown Nashville. You will find it in the James K. Polk Cultural Center. It sits on a complete block located between fifth and sixth avenues and Union and Deaderick streets.
In 1972, Martha Rivers Ingram decided it was time to have a big performing arts facility. She put the idea forward in her home town of Nashville. At first, there was a large amount of resistance. But Martha continued to press on. Ingram pressed on for eight years. During these years, there were three different governors. The theater eventually opened in 1980.
The theater had a wide range of operations. There are many Broadway shows, special functions, and education programs held here at various times throughout the year. Performances ranged from kindergarten children, students, and opera. The theater’s facilities were also used by other performing arts groups. These included: cultural programs, dance performances, concerts and plays.
The tennessee performing arts center also known as TPAC has a Board of Directors. This comes with twenty members. Eight of the directors take care of the of the centers foundation. Four of them have been named by the Arts Commission in Tennessee. The other four directors have been named by the Tennessee Governor. The Board will often get together every year in Nashville.
The theater comes with four different venues. Each of these venues are named after three of the Presidents of the United States. These Presidents all hailed Tennessee. The names of these venues are: The Andrew Jackson Hall. The James K. Polk Theater, The Andrew Johnson Theater, and The War Memorial Auditorium.
The Andrew Jackson Hall.
This hall is the biggest multi-purpose theaters within the building. It can seat up to two thousand, four hundred and seventy two individuals. It also has forty seven pit seats. The stage in this hall is very big. It is well over one hundred and thirty feet wide and fifty three center meters deep. It can host around one hundred and twelve performers. All of whom can use up to fourteen dressing rooms. These rooms include: choral spaces, change rooms, and star suites. The hall has very large wings ideal for catwalks and flying space for performances.
The James K. Polk Theater.
This particular theater is very intimate despite its size. It can seat up to one thousand and seventy five guests. There are forty four pit seats available. The stage is over eighty seven feet by fifty feet. The wings of the theater are very spacious with adequate flying space. A quick changing room and choral spaces can also be used.
The Andrew Johnson Theater.
The Andrew Johnson Theater is perfect for art and entertainment experiments. Its stage is fifty nine feet and also include open floor performing areas. The seating is over three sides. There are two hundred and fifty six seats available. The seats can be arranged in many different ways. The two dressing rooms can fit twenty four performers in them. Its catwalk is twenty two feet long. A storage space and wing adjoins the theater. The theater is ideal for making movies, readings and lectures.
The War Memorial Auditorium.
The War Memorial Auditorium can sit up to one thousand, six hundred and sixty one people. Much history is behind it. This history is a part of the War Memorial Plaza near the performing arts center.
The upcoming season of events include the following shows, concerts, plays and more:
Neil deGrasse Tyson.The Randy Rogers Band along with a special guest named Wade Bowen. Regions Free Days: A Christmas Story.
From Crack To Christ. The Buzz Swanky Sweater Christmas Jam. This stars AWOLNATION. Nashville’s Nutcracker. It Is A Wonderful Life. Glitter and Bling.
A John Water’s Christmas: Holier and Dirtier. City and Color with Bahamas.
Moon Taxi. This comes with a special guest. All of them Witches. It’s All You Know. Lookin: Cosi Fan Tutte. Ron White. Cosi fan Tutte. Chicago.The Phantom Of The Opera. Matilda: The Musical.
There are many other up coming shows and other performances. All of these are in various theaters and halls. They start from the nineteenth of November and go right through to the thirtieth of June 2016.